My mind loves to write computer code

Programming & Development Expertise:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • Flask

My eyes and hands are trained in art & design

Visual Arts & Design Expertise:

  • Photography
  • Digital Photo Editing
  • Website Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Flier Design
  • Ads & Banners Design

Please note, I have dabbled with many digital art and design tools, many programming languages, and worked within many virtual environments, but what I have listed above are areas of expertise, only.

For example, I have built Android applications, and a couple small mobile games. However, I've never published any mobile apps or games, nor have I developed such with professional proficiency, so I didn't list the related skills above.


My Background

I studied art and design in high school and college. I'm self taught in programming and web development. Using these skills, I've made a living off of the web for over 10 years.

When I started, 15 years ago, I just wanted to create a space to publish, and sell, my own photography prints. I managed to sell some of my artwork, but found I made more money helping other artists and designers handle the technical elements with building and maintaining websites.

In most of that time, I've enjoyed developing custom software solutions powering personal start-ups, and secret projects I can't discuss. Many of those start-ups failed (just being honest... I keep trying though!), some of those other businesses I served are no longer in business.

More recently, I've been shifting my focus to serving the needs of local businesses and causes.


What I Offer

I'm a Web Master. I can manage everything related to a business' entire web presence.

My focus is providing marketing and outreach solutions for small businesses and start-ups. I often recommend using existing services whenever appropriate, but I have created many custom software service applications to take advantage of opportunities to develop new technologies.

I'm sensitive to a wide variety of nuances related to owning and operating a business on the web. I know how to fix and prevent many problems common to websites. I can perform many routine and emergency updates and upgrades to many different kinds of websites. If I can’t fix anything by myself I know and work with other people who can.

If you want to build a new web presence from scratch, or you need regular maintenance performed on an existing website, you will need an experienced webmaster — someone like me, who can facilitate all the technical, legal and security concerns with owning and operating a web presence today.


A Few Current Clients

I prefer to maintain long term relationships, so I won't be listing images of all the dozens of old businesses I've worked with over the years. Instead, I'll only focus exclusively on the healthy, alive and well businesses I choose to work with now.


Western Rooter

I didn't think much of Western Rooter when I first started working with them many years ago. However, over time, their team has grown, they've earned hundreds of 5-star reviews on the web, and established a solid presence as a local business in a highly competitive marketplace. I've learned more than a few things by working with this company.

Loop Flowers

A largely self-sufficient client, Anna, owner of Loop Flowers is a shrewd negotiator, and appreciates a cost effective solution. She is a bit web savvy herself, and writes her own content. She only requires my assistance occasionally. I worked in collaboration with another designer (Hollye Hollbrook) to build her her website, maximizing quality for cost.

KB Construction Company

This client doesn't often have need for my services. They prefer to manage much of their web presence themselves. When they do ask for my services, it's usually to implement the more complicated and technical goals of managing their website.


More to come...

I've actually built many websites... forgive me, I'm lazy, and I like to reward my friends first. I'll figure out who I want to reward with a specific honorable mention here, and come back to this later...